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  1. Lissy359 Aug 12, 2011

    Hello all together!
    I love the Twilight-saga !
    My favourite book is the second and the third ( new moon and eclipse) because of the dramatic happenings.

    Isn't it a pity that midnight sun is been set?

  2. lunaticbunny Aug 04, 2010

    hi everybody!
    I love the Twilight saga n.n
    my favourite book is Eclipse n.n

  3. xxxROSIELxxx Mar 05, 2010


    merged: 04-15-2010 ~ 11:16pm
    the wind is blowing in here... O.O ....*sigh* T.T

  4. 101779KS Jan 09, 2010

    New Moon was a LOT better than Twilight. The wolves made it exciting to watch. Edward wasn't all that appealing in this one. It helped that Jacob walked around shirtless most of the time though. -drools- :-)

  5. Ran Jan 01, 2010

    Just to be clear, TEAM JACOB!

  6. vampirelover4444 Dec 08, 2009

    new moon is great! it was way bettet than twilight. i like this new director

    merged: 12-08-2009 ~ 02:10am
    oh, by the way i'm a member of TEAM EDWARD, of corse

  7. 101779KS Nov 02, 2009

    I love the twilight series.
    I absolutely cannot wait for the New Moon movie to come out already!
    Only 18 more days to go!

  8. MellinaCullen Aug 02, 2009

    I love Edward! *//*

  9. MoonangelTsubasA Jun 01, 2009

    Heres a link to the officail new moon trailer

  10. behindhersecrets May 05, 2009

    198 days to go for NEW MOON MOVIE!

  11. MoonangelTsubasA Apr 13, 2009

    I have the special Edward Cullen Edition DVD

  12. xpaulax Apr 12, 2009

    hiii!^^ i love twilight :3

  13. MoonangelTsubasA Apr 05, 2009

    I am buying the Twilight DVD tomorrow :)

  14. missawameep Mar 25, 2009

    I thought the new moon film was better than twilight but Edward looked really bad in it (like kinda ill - no offence meant of course)

  15. MoonangelTsubasA Feb 12, 2009

    looking forward to the new moon movie?

  16. hanatarah Feb 07, 2009

    wait, they are publishing that! i heard that stephanie meyer only made 12 copies and gave them to close riends and family

  17. MoonangelTsubasA Jan 12, 2009

    I Nearly finished eclpise

    merged: 01-14-2009 ~ 05:48pm
    Ive finished eclipse

    merged: 01-18-2009 ~ 01:03pm
    Im reading breaking dawn

    merged: 01-27-2009 ~ 02:17pm
    nearly finished breaking dawn

  18. Irulenoone Jan 02, 2009

    im excited to see book 5..edwards side :D
    team edward!

  19. hanatarah Dec 24, 2008

    team edward 4ever!

  20. Galtrann Oct 29, 2008

    twilight is so good!

  21. amybraska Jul 22, 2008

    Where he's holding the apple. On the weekly quote picture.
    Can that be turned into a layout?

  22. phoenixalcott Jun 20, 2008

    hmm? gomen! i dont know which apple! >.< gomen!

    i dunno...why would they get mad? im sorry! i dont know how things work around here that well regarding layouts so...yeah. gomen! >.<

  23. amybraska Apr 30, 2008

    Hey ^^ my turn to say sorry for not replying in a while ^^' Um how about that one picture with The Apple? I thought that was a good one...

    merged: 04-30-2008 ~ 08:21am

    Quote by phoenixalcottTHAT WOULD BE SO SAD! ID HATE HIM! AHH!

    merged: 03-07-2008 ~ 12:13pm
    this group is in dire need of a layout. ocne we get a layout, then we could get more people in since it actually looks nice, and then we could have a contest/poll w/e going on. and itll be undead. and active and nice. soo...what do you guys think? do you want a layout?

    thisis just a random super cute pic i found. you guys gotta check it out!

    how about you guys? any suggestions? i dunno, it was just an idea...sorry if i was being too...umm...pushy!

    Also that pic is reallllllllllly cute :) but would someone get mad if we use it?

  24. phoenixalcott Apr 11, 2008

    :D sorry for the late reply! gahh! gomen! ill be glad to ask him! do you have any particular picture in mind by any chance that youd like for our layout? i posted some links it hink...please tell me if they're good and which you like the best! and if none, please post the link of a pic you like

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